who we are:
A group of event’s people and individuals who gather our community in Dubai .. we don’t have enough sites to list all that videos .. so we did this site in order to collect and publish all the reach of the videos both from the source or through other colleagues in one place.

Our goal:
Our primary goal is to deliver the news and thought together .. in order to let people over the world know what have Dubai reached.The target audience we have is all the individuals and reconstruction in the usual lifestyle .. From the age of 12 and even after sixty ,, there is news related to entertainment for children and trips spas and medical tourism for the elderly .. and everything in between clothes and electric tools and exhibitions of scientific and technological, cultural and fashion and beauty .. We cover all lifestyles without specifying .. to form a comprehensive picture and in a holistic manner for all members of society.We do not have any finance goal now ..but we can accept donates In addition to that we can announce to others free of charge as long as we are able to cover our expenses.(still we can charge some money in case we do the work over what we can)

Our site is linked with Dubai Global News group witch have 5 web sites and publish most of Dubai news .. in case you like to publish in all of these sites you can contact advertise department.