The site is a gateway to disseminate videos for Dubai in particular and the UAE in general .. All videos we cover it by our self, directly or indirectly. We cover Review, Interview, Exhibitions, Conferences, Tourism, Entertainment, Mix Miscellaneous, Restaurants, Hotels, Accessories, Fashion, Art, society and more.

General idea:
The idea of this Site after we observed the limited number of sites that include the Dubai videos .. it is varied and many, but not comprehensive or keep up with all events .. So the idea of this site to serve as a site to present in which all the events of Dubai’s private and public Emirates .. show developments in community activities and trade, cultural, media, service and all other fields.We started in July 2019 in light group of videos, .. we have got lots of interview and reviews .. but still we try to cover more and more.

Our plans is to cover as much as we can .. for that we welcome any public video if it is not against the rules  of UAE